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About AviClear

At Luxxe Wellness & Beauty in San Antonio, TX, we offer a unique and effective award-winning acne treatment called AviClear that can improve your skin and boost your confidence. This laser treatment provides a safe solution for those with acne-prone skin to finally achieve a clear complexion. It differs from traditional acne treatments because instead of treating acne on the surface, it targets acne at the source. Post-treatment, you can achieve healthier and clearer skin and enjoy living acne-free.
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Acne affects your skin and your confidence in your appearance, but now there’s a safe solution that works. AviClear is the first FDA-approved laser treatment of its kind specifically designed to target and treat acne-prone skin. The device uses 1726 NM wavelength during treatments to address mild to severe acne by targeting the main source of acne. It uses laser heat energy to reduce sebum production in the sebaceous glands to help promote clear and healthy-looking skin.

AviClear Vs. Traditional Acne Treatment Methods

There are many different acne treatments that promise to clear the skin, but very few are without health risks. Many teens and women are directed toward birth control pills to treat acne. While this may be a temporary solution, it’s not without the risk of severely altering the hormonal system and leading to other side effects that affect daily life in more ways than one.

Another popular solution for acne is Accutane, a powerful prescription medication that can help reduce the appearance of acne but can also stress the liver and lead to health risks and negative symptoms.

Topical Solutions and Acne

There are also hundreds, if not more, topical products that promise to clear acne with regular application. Although some of these may temporally treat acne, they don’t target it at the source and instead simply put a figurative Band-Aid on the root problem.

Topical solutions also often contain harsh ingredients that can dry out your skin, leading to the overproduction of oil, which only intensifies the problem of acne. AviClear is different from these traditional acne treatments because it uses laser heat energy to target the sebaceous glands to safely and effectively clear acne without compromising your health.

The AviClear Difference: Treating the Root Cause of Acne

Diet, lifestyle, hormones, and other factors can all contribute to acne. Pimples and acne bumps appear on the skin’s surface as visible, red, inflamed, angry imperfections. However, those pimples stem from something deeper within the sebaceous glands.

Topical solutions and other traditional acne treatments work by addressing the visible acne, but AviClear is different because it addresses the invisible source of acne below the skin’s surface: the sebaceous gland. The laser heat energy penetrates beyond the skin’s surface, targeting both visible acne and the root cause in the sebaceous glands. The result is healthier, long-lasting clear skin.

What Can I Expect From a Treatment?

One of the benefits of AviClear is that the device has a built-in AviCool sapphire skin-cooling system that ensures patients maintain optimal comfort throughout the treatment. During treatments, we take every measure to ensure optimal patient comfort. We can adjust the device as needed to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the treatment while also effectively targeting the treatment areas.

The treatment process is not only incredibly effective but also safe. The laser energy will target the sebaceous glands without negatively affecting the surrounding tissue. You can schedule your treatments with confidence, knowing that these sessions will safely improve your skin.

How Long Do Treatments Take?

Each treatment takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish, so you can easily schedule sessions at a time that’s most convenient for your schedule. You can even schedule during your lunch break at work and return without having to plan around significant downtime.

How Many Treatments Will I Need for the Best Results?

Most patients require three treatment sessions with four to six weeks between each for the best results. Our initial consultation will help us determine the best treatment plan for your skin so that we can use the device to effectively target and eliminate acne as quickly as possible.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

The best results come from completing the recommended number of treatment sessions. Patients may see some noticeable results after the first treatment, but the best results appear within the first six months as the skin heals and responds to the laser energy. Once we evaluate your skin in person, we can give you more details about what type of results you can expect and when you can expect them.

Who Is a Candidate?

If you suffer from acne and are looking for an effective solution that can significantly improve the appearance of your skin, you may be a good candidate for AviClear. This treatment process can help patients of all skin types and ages, from teens to those suffering from adult acne, target and treat active acne and prevent its future occurrence.

Patients who have tried other acne treatments, prescription medications, and topical solutions without success may be good candidates for this laser treatment. Additionally, patients suffering from acne who don’t want to resort to prescription medications can use this treatment as an effective alternative to finally eliminate the acne that has affected their appearance and confidence for any length of time.

Clear Your Skin

Don’t feel self-conscious about your acne or waste more money on treatments that either don’t work or will negatively affect your health. AviClear treatments can make a significant difference not just in the appearance of your skin but in your confidence. We can give you more details about this treatment and what you can expect from your treatment plan and begin the treatment process so that you can get one step closer to achieving a clear and acne-free complexion.