Medical Weight Loss in San Antonio, TX

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About Medical Weight Loss

At Luxxe Wellness & Beauty in San Antonio, TX, we understand that for some people, losing weight can be very difficult. If it wasn’t, there would be no need for medical weight loss programs, which is why we offer weight management treatment plans for patients who need guidance along their journey to a healthy weight and improved overall health and wellness. We will give you the tools and techniques you need to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle long-term.
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Weight Loss Treatment Plans

Weight management plans look different for every patient. Some patients want to lose a few pounds to reach their goals; others need to lose a significant amount of weight not just to reach their goals but to improve their health. For that reason, we offer several different treatment options and create tailored weight loss plans for each patient to customize this entire experience.

You may benefit from one or several of our treatment options. We schedule our pre-treatment weight management consultations to learn more about your medical history, your ultimate goals, and what has prevented you from losing weight in the past. We can also design a plan that helps address certain metabolic conditions, including thyroid disease.


Wegovy is an injectable weight loss supplement that contains an ingredient that is very similar to the bodily hormone responsible for regulating appetite. It works by addressing the area of the brain that suppresses appetite, which will limit food consumption.

It contains semaglutide and is an effective option for obese adults with a BMI greater than 30 and those who want to lose extra pounds to reach a healthier weight, specifically those with a BMI greater than 27. If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and need some extra help, you may benefit from Wegovy injections.

How Does It Work?

Wegovy is a weekly self-administered injectable that can be administered at any time of the day. If you’re a candidate for this injectable, you’ll be prescribed the dosage that’s right for your weight management plan. We typically recommend that patients choose a specific time and day of the week to administer this medication to promote optimal results.

You will inject the prescription into fatty tissue in a specific body area. If you’ve never injected yourself before, we can walk through the process with you to show you just how seamless and simple it is.


Saxenda is an injectable prescription weight loss medication specifically designed for patients with a BMI greater than 27. It’s an effective option for patients who want to increase feelings of satiety and decrease feelings of hunger. The injectable contains an active ingredient that works the same way as your appetite hormone: glucagon-like peptide-1, also known as GLP-1.

How Does It Work?

The injectable works by making you feel fuller for longer and less hungry so that you lose your desired amount of weight. This injectable medication is injected once daily with a pen-like device. The injection process is simple and safe. If you are a good candidate for Saxenda, we can move forward with the treatment process, give you more information about the dosing, and prescribe the injectable so that you can begin using it to promote weight loss.

It’s important to note that the weight loss injectables that we can prescribe to help you reach your goals are most effective when paired with a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine. We can provide the tips you need to eat healthily, stay active, and promote the best possible weight management treatment results.

Guided Nutrition Plans

Guided nutrition plans are important for weight loss because even if you build regular activity into your week, you’ll never reach your goals without changing your diet. However, switching to healthier foods won’t be easy if you’ve been eating unhealthy foods for years or your entire lifetime, especially if you don’t know which foods to avoid and which ones to incorporate into your diet.

For that reason, we offer guided nutrition plans so that you know which foods to eat and how much and when to eat them to achieve results. We will do the work for you, give you a list of the foods you need to eat and which ones to avoid, and provide a plan that helps you incorporate them into your daily routine.

Counting Macros

Another one of our weight loss management techniques is helping patients count macros. If you’re not familiar with counting macros or even what they are, we can give you the guidance you need to incorporate this technique into your weight management plan. Macros refer to macronutrients and consist of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.

Eating a specific ratio of these macronutrients can shock your body, speed your metabolism, and help you lose weight faster. This process can be difficult to do on your own if you’re unfamiliar with how to do it, which is why we will give you all the details you need to effectively eat the right macros your body needs to lose fat, improve muscle definition and reach your goals.

Am I a Candidate for a Weight Management Plan?

If you’re overweight and need to lose a certain percentage of body fat to reach your goals and live a healthier lifestyle, you may be the perfect candidate for one of our weight management treatment plans. Our medically guided plans are safe. We will walk with you every step of your journey to ensure you have the tools, supplements, and techniques needed to lose weight, increase your metabolism, maintain your energy levels, and improve your quality of life.

Invest in Your Health

Don’t wait any longer to invest in a weight management treatment plan because the results will make you look and feel more confident. Once you reach your goal weight, you’ll experience the benefits of a healthy weight and improved health and wellness.