Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Dysport Injections

Do you know about neuromodulators? Neuromodulators are injectable cosmetic treatments that can help you get younger-looking skin with fewer fine lines and wrinkles. One of the most popular neuromodulators in the aesthetic industry is an injectable called Dysport.  We offer Dysport in San Antonio, TX, at Luxxe Wellness & Beauty. Learn more about Dysport injections and how they work in this overview of the neuromodulator process.

What Is Dysport?

Dysport is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that can reduce wrinkles and prevent more from forming. Dysport injectables use a neurotoxin solution to subdue your facial movement and create smoother, more youthful skin around the eyes and eyebrows.

How Is Dysport Used?

Dysport contains a neurotoxin called botulinum toxin A. When injected beneath the skin, botulinum toxin A interacts directly with your nerves and muscles to limit movement and keep the skin tight. When your skin’s movement is restricted, wrinkle formation slows.  Many people do not realize that excessive facial movement is the cause of their wrinkles and fine lines. As you age, the natural decline in collagen and elastin in your skin can cause it to lose elasticity.  When this happens, the skin is sensitive to every movement. Facial expressions like smiling, laughing, and frowning are more likely to cause lines and creases to form. Dysport is a unique neuromodulator because it is formulated specifically for use on glabellar lines. More commonly known as “frown lines,” these creases form between your eyebrows every time you scowl or furrow your brows.  When administered to the skin around the eyebrows, Dysport can reduce the appearance of these lines and prevent them from getting worse.

Who Is a Candidate for Dysport Injections?

Since Dysport acts as both an anti-aging treatment and preventive, it is suitable for a large group of clients.  Those in their 30s and older typically seek Dysport to resolve their existing frown lines. Clients in their 20s often look to Dysport to prevent frown lines from forming. If you are interested in Dysport injections, schedule a consultation appointment with us. We’ll examine your skin to determine whether Dysport is the best course of treatment for you.  Some patients are better suited to other neuromodulators like Botox. Others may benefit from another anti-aging treatment altogether. The only way to find out whether Dysport is the right choice for you is by attending a consultation appointment.

What Is Dysport Treatment Like?

Are you new to Dysport injections? Before having any new cosmetic treatment, it’s common to have some questions or concerns about what the process is like. Many people wonder if Dysport is a comfortable treatment, what the recovery is like, and how long their results will last. Get the answers to all of these queries below.

Before Your Dysport Session

When you schedule a Dysport session, you can rest easy knowing that there is little preparation required.  On the day of your appointment, we ask that you wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Do not apply anything to your skin. This means skipping your makeup and skin care routine for the day. We want your skin to be clean and free of any debris or chemicals when you arrive.

The Dysport Treatment

During a Dysport session, you get to sit comfortably while we administer your injections. We begin the treatment by applying a local anesthetic to your skin. This anesthetic prevents you from feeling the injections.  Once the anesthetic has taken full effect, we will gently place your Dysport injections into the skin around your eyebrows and between them. In some cases, we may place injections elsewhere on the face. It all depends on your individual cosmetic goals. The entire Dysport treatment is very short. For most clients, it takes less than half an hour to complete. When your session is over, you will be able to return home and resume your normal activities. There is no recovery process or downtime required after receiving Dysport injections.

Your Dysport Results

One of the main differences between Dysport and other neuromodulators like Botox is how quickly it takes effect. While Botox can take several days to work beneath your skin, Dysport can start working within hours of your session.  By the next morning, you should notice tighter, smoother skin surrounding your eyebrows. Frown lines should be significantly reduced, and the skin will be harder to move and manipulate. The peak of your Dysport results will occur about two weeks after treatment. That’s when you’ll experience the smoothest, most youthful skin. These results can last anywhere from three to four months.  As time goes on, you will notice the neuromodulator effects gradually wearing off. Your frown lines will begin to re-emerge, and movement to your skin will slowly return. Once the neurotoxin effects have completely worn off, you can have Dysport injections administered again.

Where to Get Dysport in San Antonio, TX

Do you have deep creases between your eyebrows or other wrinkles and fine lines? A neuromodulator treatment like Dysport injections can help resolve these signs of aging and create a younger-looking complexion. In just 20 minutes, Dysport injections can diminish frown lines and prevent them from becoming deeper. This procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments because of its convenience and simplicity. Dysport is a non-surgical treatment, which means that there are no incisions or sutures involved.  We offer Dysport injections at Luxxe Wellness & Beauty for clients in and around San Antonio, TX. To see your own Dysport results, schedule a consultation with one of our aesthetic medicine providers today.