Is Emsculpt Neo Worth the Hype?

Everyone wants washboard abs, toned thighs, and defined arms. However, few people have the time to spend hours in the gym sweating away any excess fat to see these results. What if there was a tool that did most of the work for you? The Emsculpt Neo is the only device that burns fat and tones muscle without exercise. 



The Luxxe Wellness & Beauty team in San Antonio, TX, researches to determine which buzzworthy treatments are worthy of our patients’ time and energy. Before offering any services that seem too good to be true, we investigate our procedures to ensure they deliver on their promises. Here’s what you need to know about the Emsculpt Neo.

What Is Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo is an in-office, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that targets areas where the body stores stubborn pockets of fat. While most body contouring procedures eliminate fat or build muscle, Emsculpt Neo is the first to do both at once. 

The original Emsculpt and the newer Emsculpt Neo body contouring devices build muscle mass and burn fat cells using high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy applied to targeted muscles, making them contract. 

A single HIFEM treatment can cause the muscles to contract the same way they would if they did 20,000 manual crunches, squats, or bicep curls. 

Since the contractions occur deep in the inner structure of the muscle, the actions reduce fat cells while strengthening and toning. In addition, Emsculpt Neo treatments remodel the muscle to create a sculpted look without surgery, downtime, or hours in the gym. 

While both the original Emsculpt and the Emsculpt Neo use HIFEM to build and tone muscles, Emsculpt Neo also uses radiofrequency energy, which creates heat that burns through stored fat. As a result, patients see increased muscle building and fat reduction benefits. 

Where Can I Tighten and Tone with Emsculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo is approved for use in five areas of the body: 

  • Abdomen

  • Buttocks

  • Arms

  • Thighs

  • Calves

This body contouring treatment is not a miracle cure that can make six-pack abs appear when you’ve never been to the gym. Instead, it works to support your fitness efforts, bringing you the benefits of a flatter, tighter stomach and more defined ab muscles. 

Similarly, patients who choose the treatment for their buttocks will see a more lifted and sculpted butt. The Emsculpt Neo device can also firm and tighten arms and legs while strengthening and toning muscles. 

What to Expect from an Emsculpt Neo Treatment

When you arrive for your Emsculpt Neo treatment, if your treatment area is the abdomen, legs, or buttocks, a large electric paddle is placed directly on your skin and held in place. If your treatment is on your arms, two smaller paddles are used.

Once the paddle is turned on, you’ll feel a few sensations. The first is warmth, like a hot stone massage. The heat comes from the HIFEM, and radiofrequency energies are sent deep into the muscles, allowing their temperature to quickly rise to ready them for stress, like the warm-up before a workout. 

After four minutes, the temperature in the subcutaneous fat that sits below the skin rises to the point of apoptosis, where the cells become permanently damaged. You’ll also feel pulsing vibrations or the feeling of pulling at your muscles. This feeling results from the HIFEM energy.

Emsculpt Neos’s HIFEM energy stimulates contractions that begin at the nerve root, deeply triggering the muscles to work in a way they can’t through voluntary exercise. 

Emsculpt Neo treatments are customizable, and patients begin their treatments at about 70%–80% capacity. We may raise your intensity levels as the procedure continues.

While the sensations from your muscle contractions are unique, they are not uncomfortable. The entire procedure takes 30 minutes.

How Will I Feel After an Emsculpt Neo Treatment?

Emsculpt Neo treatments are quick and easy. Patients can resume their normal activities without any concerns. 

We advise patients to drink lots of water after their treatments because their muscles just performed an intense workout. They need water to help flush toxins, like destroyed fat cells, out of the body. 

The next day, most patients feel sore in their treatment area, just like they would after any good workout. 

The Luxxe Wellness & Beauty professional team schedules Emsculpt Neo non-invasive fat reduction treatments once a week for four weeks. Patients may gradually see an improvement each week, with the results continuing as the body flushes out destroyed fat cells. Most patients achieve their full results two to three months after treatment.

What Are the Biggest Benefits of Emsculpt Neo Treatments?

Unlike most body contouring treatments, Emsculpt Neo takes a multifaceted approach to non-invasive fat reduction, so you can work toward strengthening, slimming, and toning at once. 

Stronger Muscles

While the muscle contractions stimulated by the HIFEM energy offer an aesthetic perk, they also strengthen your muscles, which has its own significant advantages. For example, if you undergo Emsculpt Neo treatments on your abs, you’ll see and feel a stronger core, which brings better posture and reduces the risk of lower back pain. 

Permanent Fat Reduction

The radiofrequency energy applied through the Emsculpt Neo heats fat cells to the temperature where they experience apoptosis, or controlled death. The procedure reduces fat in the treatment area by an average of 30%. Once those fat cells are destroyed, they’re gone forever. 

Improved Muscle Tone

If you’ve noticed that it’s harder to see the results of your workouts, you’re not alone. As you age, your body loses up to 5% of muscle mass every decade. Emsculpt Neo treatments build muscle and restore volume, providing anti-aging and aesthetic benefits. 

Are You a Candidate for Emsculpt Neo?

While almost anyone is a candidate for burning fat and building muscle, the best way to learn whether you’re a candidate for Emsculpt Neo is by scheduling a consultation with the experts at Luxxe Wellness & Beauty. 

Our San Antonio, TX, team is ready to take your call today.