What Is a PDO Thread Lift?

When patients come into our office at Luxxe Wellness & Beauty, they are often concerned about one of two things. They may be unhappy about the current signs of aging on their face, or they may be hoping to prevent some of this aging from happening. Whether you are hoping to lift and smooth some of the existing wrinkles and sagging skin on your face, or you want to help keep the skin on your face and neck tighter and more youthful, there are many different options that you can talk about with us. PDO threads are one of these options. PDO threads can be a good choice if you don’t want surgery but you still want to achieve a lifted face and neck. It’s a fast and relatively painless treatment and you can come out of your appointment looking brighter and more youthful. 

What Is a Thread Lift? 

A thread lift is a treatment that utilizes dissolvable sutures for subtle cosmetic changes in the face and neck. The sutures are placed carefully under the surface of the skin in a predetermined pattern to smooth out lines and add lift to the face. It can be used for wrinkles on the neck, to produce a more defined jawline, to bring up the edges of the eyes or mouth, or to raise the eyebrows. 

What Is Polydioxanone? 

PDO stands for polydioxanone which is a synthetic material that can be absorbed by the body. It has been safely used for many years in surgeries to help support wounds while healing, and it is now being used in a cosmetic context. PDO threads can either be smooth or barbed depending on the area that is being treated and the goals for treatment. 

How Do PDO Threads Work?

Threads are used both to create an instant lifting effect and long-term collagen production. When first inserting them into your skin, your doctor will place them in a pattern that will target certain areas in your face that you wish to lift. If the threads are barbed, they will grip onto the skin and pull the skin upward. The change that this can produce is subtle but noticeable.  Both smooth and barbed threads also trigger a mild inflammatory healing response in your skin that causes your skin to produce more collagen in the area. As a preventative treatment, these threads can be used to boost collagen production in areas that may start to sag or lose strength and elasticity over time. As a treatment for aging skin, the threads can help restore elasticity and smooth existing lines.  The threads generally dissolve completely within 9 months of the treatment. But the collagen that is produced as your body’s natural response will remain even after the threads are absorbed. 

What Are the Benefits of a PDO Thread Lift? 

It’s a Non-Surgical Facelift

Not everyone is comfortable with surgical facelifts. With PDO threads, recovery time is much shorter and the treatment can be done with a local anesthetic. You will be able to return to most of your normal activities right away. 

It Works With Your Skin

Because this treatment stimulates collagen production, it works with your skin to make it more vibrant and youthful. The collagen that is produced is something you will get to keep even after the sutures have been dissolved. 

It Is a Good Alternative or Addition to Other Treatments

PDO threads can be an alternative treatment for individuals who want to try something besides neuromodulators, fillers, and surgery. It can also be used in conjunction with other treatments as advised by your doctor to help create more dramatic and well-rounded effects. 

You Can Get Immediate and Longterm Results

One of the benefits of a PDO thread lift is that you’ll be able to leave the office seeing results right away. The results will continue to be seen in the coming months as collagen increases. After one or two treatments, many patients can go a year or more without maintenance treatments. 

What to Expect on the Day of Your Treatment

Our consultations are a big part of our successful treatments. Before your non-surgical facelift, we’ll talk about your goals for the PDO thread lift and make sure your expectations line up well with the expected results of the treatment.  When the day of your PDO thread lift arrives, you’ll be seated comfortably while we map out the areas that we will treat with the PDO threads. Next, we will use a local anesthetic to numb the entry points. We will often use the same entry point for multiple threads depending on the threading pattern we want to achieve. We use cannulas to insert the threads under the skin. When we pull the cannula out, the thread will stay in the skin. We may gently massage the area to activate the barbs and to ensure that the thread has been properly placed. The end of the thread is then clipped off. Once all of the threads are inserted, the treatment is done.  You will want to take care of the treatment area by sleeping on your back for a few days and staying away from any harsh products or sun exposure. You’ll be able to return to your normal skincare routine after a few days. 

PDO Threads in San Antonio, TX

At Luxxe Wellness & Beauty, we love when we see our patients glowing with confidence. We want you to be comfortable in your own skin and to look as great on the outside as you do on the inside. PDO threads can be one way to help give you some lift and help your skin stay firm and vibrant. If you want to schedule a consultation with us, give us a call today. We would love to help you learn more about non-surgical facelift treatments.