Your Guide to RF Microneedling

When you have a busy lifestyle,  it can be difficult to set aside the time to take care of your complexion. Over time you can start to see an increase in fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. You may even notice that your complexion has started to look dull and you may wish that you could bring back some of your glow. With RF microneedling, you may be able to restore the vibrancy of your skin while reducing some of the signs of aging. We offer RF microneedling at Luxxe Wellness & Beauty and we would love to talk to you about how this treatment may be able to help you.   

What Is RF Microneedling?

  RF microneedling is a treatment done by a licensed physician that helps to restore elasticity to your skin, minimize facial scarring, and reduce sun spots. It works with your body’s natural healing processes to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Unlike at-home microneedling devices which can tear the skin and cause damage, RF microneedling is a professional option that can provide many benefits. RF Microneedling is also a two-in-one treatment that increases the overall benefits. Each session will include:   

Microneedling for Surface Penetration

  Tiny microneedles located in a specialized device carefully and accurately prick the skin. The result is something called “microchanneling” which creates tiny punctures in the skin. These punctures are so small that you won’t be able to see them, but your body will respond by producing collagen and elastin. As you age, the production of collagen can slow down, which can make your skin less firm and lead to more wrinkles. Microneedling can be used on the entire face including around the eyes, on forehead wrinkles, and around the mouth to help make the skin healthier and firmer in these areas.   

Radiofrequency Energy for Deep Collagen Induction

  By itself, microneedling may be very effective, but when combined with RF technology, the benefits can penetrate even deeper into the skin. The radiofrequency energy which is present in the non-insulated needle of our EndyMed Intensif microneedling device heats the skin in both the epidermis and the dermis. This stimulates the production of collagen even deeper in the skin. Radiofrequency energy can also cause the skin to tighten even more effectively reducing fine lines and wrinkles than microneedling by itself.   

What Can RF Microneedling Help Treat? 

  The benefits of microneedling are not limited to wrinkle and fine-line reduction. It can be a helpful treatment for patients of all ages who are struggling with acne scarring or other complexion concerns. It may also be helpful for age spots, hyperpigmentation, stretch marks, and more.  

What Are the RF Microneedling Benefits? 

  Some other treatments, while beneficial for many people, can come with more downtime that is impractical for people who can’t take time off of work or school. Microneedling offers unique benefits that can make it a good choice for busy people who want to improve the health of their skin. Some of these benefits include:   

Minimal Downtime

  With our RF microneedling treatments, you won’t have any downtime. The device that we use does not damage the epidermis or cause bleeding or bruising so you can confidently go back to your day.   

A Comfortable Treatment

  RF microneedling is not a painful treatment and we prioritize your comfort during your appointment. We can apply a topical numbing cream if needed, but the technology we use is gentle and comfortable.   

A Less Invasive Option

  RF microneedling is preferred by some people because it is less invasive than other options. Since it utilizes your body’s natural healing process, it can be a good choice for someone looking for more natural-looking effects without more invasive procedures.   

Why We Use EndyMed Intensif Devices

  We use the EndyMed Intensif microneedling device because it is the most advanced product on the market. It includes innovations that help to improve patient experience and also make the treatment more effective.  

Best in Comfort

  The EndyMed Intensif Device has a unique needle design that allows for shorter treatment times. Its gold-plated needles have a tapered design to eliminate epidermal damage.   

Varied Uses

  Intensif can be used on many different areas of the body and face to reduce stretch marks and wrinkles and make skin smoother and healthier.   

The Best Results

  The design of the Intensif device allows for better delivery of radiofrequency energy, allowing for the benefits to reach deeper into the skin.   

No Bleeding or Bruising

  Bleeding can occur with some microneedling treatments, but the Intensif device is specifically designed to prevent bleeding during treatment and bruising after treatment.   

Who Is a Good Candidate for RF Microneedling? 

  RF microneedling can be a good treatment for many people. It can be suitable for people of all ages and for those with different skin tones and conditions. Younger patients may benefit from RF microneedling as a treatment for acne and acne scarring. Older patients can benefit from the anti-aging and firming effects.   This treatment is also considered a suitable option for many people with darker skin where other treatments may not be advisable.  A consultation with us is important to help determine if RF microneedling is right for you since it may not be suitable in every situation.   

RF Microneedling Services in Stone Oak, TX

  If you want more radiant and youthful-looking skin but can’t afford the downtime of more invasive treatments, talk to us about RF microneedling. Your skin can look healthier and smoother after just a few treatments. At Luxxe Wellness & Beauty, making you feel vibrant is something we take pride in. Call us to schedule services or to set up a consultation.